My Centurion ride

As usual waking up early in the morning, and getting ready by 7 AM, I’m all prepared to complete my 100 kms cycling ride. A large group of 141 cyclists have attempted this the previous day, many of whom were first timers on their centurion. I’m a first timer for a centurion too, however had this on my mind from many months, but couldn’t make time to do it. I thought it is never late, and started today. I tried to follow the same itinerary of yesterday’s cyclists. But why didn’t I join them yesterday and making this trip all alone? The reason or the excuse is the tube of the cycle’s back wheel has a small puncture, which I couldn’t detect and fix at home. So took it to the cycle store on Saturday to have it fixed. Continue reading


A Lonely ride

Suddenly waking up at 6.30 AM in the morning, which is very unusual, I started to freshen up. Carrying minimal gear for cycling, which consisted of water sipper, blow pump, repair kit, few punctures and also glucose, I’ve started off from home at 7.01 AM. At this point the odometer on my bicycle showed 1256.83 kms.

I followed the usual path, passing by Global Village Tech Park, RV College of Engineering, Kengeri Satellite Bus Stop, Rajarajeshwari Hospital, Decathlon Store and Rajarajeshwari Medical College. When I left home, I didn’t have a specific destination on mind. Continue reading

Mumbai doesn’t walk, it only runs!!

Sitting and relaxing on the old cement bench in the open space next to the Science Park, at the Nehru Science Center in Mumbai, Kiran suddenly shakes his hand vigorously in pain. He knew something small and sharp pierced into his left palm, but before he could take stock of the situation, and realized that it was a red insect that bit him, it again stinged him on the second joint of his right-hand ring finger. This intense pain on both hands made him jump out of the bench and run to safe harbour. Viswa Keerthy, who was packing his backpack after the visit to the museum was watching Kiran in a state of shock. It took awhile for both to get out of that place, before seeing few models on their way to the exit. Continue reading