Finally Free

Penned for English Literature assignment at St Joseph’s College, Bengaluru

Influenced by the books of Anthropology I was reading during this time.

From the epoch I was formed,

to the moment I burnt.

I have endured many life forms.

I was known as the blue dot in the dark

I carried the gaint and the tiny,

all that moved, swam and those which stood.

Though late into my years; was born a man,

evolved as an insignificant creature on fours.

Battled he the jungle life, with all the creatures along.

Until he could stand erect, and made his own fire and wheel.

From the nomad he was, hunting and gathering,

Settled he in villages where he grew and spread.

He was too greedy to be content,

and turned to my depths for my ore bounty

Thus he grew faster and farther, greater than the speed of sound,

taking control over all the species of life and exploiting most.

He brought down all the forests, emptied the waters,

flattened the hills, and built his empires, tall and large.

His life was safe under the shadows of my tree,

but forgot he this truth; and cut me down.Thought he,

his machines would carry him to a safe future,

without the life giving nectar of this nature

Thought he was destroying me,

never knowing he is bringing his own end.

And then one day, my veins were full of his pollution,

and my body with his dark smoke.

All that he created couldn’t give him air to breathe or water to drink

He planned to move to my cousins, but well before that,

he vanished from the face of the Earth, into the thick air.

It took me a few aeons to revive life, and support new life forms.

But now, I am finally free of him,

The greedy human.

Here, She refers to the Planet and He refers to the humankind. 


I built my hut next to… 

Penned for English Literature assignment at St Joseph’s College, Bengaluru

I built my hut near the lakelet,
on the hillock,with long fir trees,
overlooking the pristine moving waters.
I gaze at the unwinding path,
listening to the busy conversations of chirping birds. 
The glistering water, the blue sky, the green meadows
And the occasional cloud spreading its uneven shadows
on the land and water, creating images in my mind.
The wind and the butterflies that come by the breeze.

The rare cyclist zooming down the turns, 
and struggling to conquer the climbs,
flinging a friendly grin my way.
The lone farmer tilling the land,
and the fisher women getting her catch.

This is the place where both the nature 
and books have conversation with me.