I am Human…. Yeah I mean it when I said human… People call me by many names… Here are few of them Kiran Marlapudi, Stephen Hans, Anand Hans, Science aka mad… Though many believe that I’m innocent and calm; most of them know that I’m the opposite… 😉 Being a Physics Student, especially crazy about Astronomy, I tend to think, believe and see everything in a Scientific perspective(Including why my friend Viswa, do not attend my call every-time and sends an automated ‘busy, will call u later’ text).. ha sachi… I stay in an Indian City and work as a Planet Hunter for Project Kepler Mission; and also as an Advisor for the rich Apple Inc., :D… I’m a Shutter-bug too… trying to click all the crazy stuff I see, in ‘macro’.

Books… Oh! these are part of my life… No… My Life… I read Books… I can say ‘I read a lot’, but to me ‘It’s not a lot’, it just fits my appetite. I read every crap… except the regular academic stuff… I especially love reading titles of Frederick Forsyth. All the famous fiction titles available in every street corner of any country is childhood content to me… Very recently I’ve started reading Indian titles and that too ‘Romantic’ category like “She broke up, I didn’t… I just kissed someone Else!”, “Ohh Yes, I am Single…! and So is my Girlfriend!” and others. My new reading habit raised many eye brows, with lots of friends commenting and calling me to inquire if I’m OK…

Relations… I tend not to believe in them, but eventually fall victim of relationships. Recently my long term girl friend ditched me to make me ‘Single’… ‘Oh! Yes, I’m Single’… I really don’t understand why she left me… Either she is crazy or because I’m crazy… But now I feel I’m happy.. Oh Yea I am… Recently Durjoy Datta, in his mail to me said, “There are plenty of fish in the sea man! 🙂 And you don’t fall in love just once! Trust me.”… Let’s see… 😛

Religion… Sorry… to me religion and god or God do not exist, or there is a necessity of those, except that they give physiological comfort to the troubled lot… You can call me an Anti-theist or Atheist, because I’m one… Though I’m hard against believing in a religion, I respect all religions and learn a few from them… So, I am rational thinker, influenced by Darwinism and by most strong rationalists like Richard Dawkins, Jonathan Miller, Colin McGinn and Daniel Dennett. The world would have been a much safer place today without (the concept of) god.

Education…Victim of ever-changing policies of time-sucking Bangalore University… 😦

Assets… Own a Newtonian Refractor Telescope, which is never with me and roaming round the country under the supervision of Viswa. Also have a Olympus 10×50 DPS Binox… Very soon getting a DSLR inspired by teddy and santoo. And to end this list, books and my ever-running bicycle.Kiran Marlapudi


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