Mumbai doesn’t walk, it only runs!!

Sitting and relaxing on the old cement bench in the open space next to the Science Park, at the Nehru Science Center in Mumbai, Kiran suddenly shakes his hand vigorously in pain. He knew something small and sharp pierced into his left palm, but before he could take stock of the situation, and realized that it was a red insect that bit him, it again stinged him on the second joint of his right-hand ring finger. This intense pain on both hands made him jump out of the bench and run to safe harbour. Viswa Keerthy, who was packing his backpack after the visit to the museum was watching Kiran in a state of shock. It took awhile for both to get out of that place, before seeing few models on their way to the exit.

At that moment, Kiran was contemplating the events that unfolded during their brief visit to Mumbai. Last night, while they were photographing the newly inaugurated Bandra–Worli Sea Link, they were confronted by two police women in plain clothes asking to see the permissions we are supposed to carry to shoot this place. Earlier today, when they were about to feast upon a delicious biryani, his stomach gave signs of being upset curtailing his huge appetite, following which he has to use the restrooms a couple of times while on their tour around Mumbai. He came back to his senses as soon as they reached the main road and make an effort to cross it.

This was the first trip to Mumbai for both Viswa Keerthy and Kiran Marlapudi. They are just there to go around and see the places of interest. They started off

Day 0:

Day 1:


Afghan Church:

Gateway of India:

Hotel Taj:

BSE & other Banks:

Floral Fountain & Hutatma Chowk:

Modern Art Gallery & Chatrapathi Shivaji Museum:

Marine Drive Beach:

Lower Parel/Market:

Nipponzan Myohoji Temple

Worli Beach:

Bandra-Worli Sealink Bridge:

Day 2:


Bombay Municipal Corporation:

Azad Maidan:

MG Road/Books:

Oval Maidan:

Chruch Gate/Dhabba Wala:

Bhika Behram Well:

Fashion Street:

Mohammed Ali Road/Bendi Bazaar:


Mahalaxmi/Dhobi Ghat:

Race Course:

Nehru Science Center:

Bandra Terminus:


Read more about the experience by clicking here.



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